In the midst of seeking alternative solutions for objective problems like carbon taxation and energy consumption, we often overlook a significant challenge: National Communication. Today, chaos, political events, cultural shifts, and the manipulation of ideas are actively shaped manually by social media owners and collaborators. This power holds a greater risk than the world's most powerful nuclear or biological weapons. Recognizing the need to separate this power from individual consciousness and entrust it to the collective consciousness of humanity and the system, the Snagom project was born.

Homo sapiens:
The Instinctual Urge for Protection and the Passion for Governance

Throughout history, humans have often come together and acted as a collective in order to protect themselves from external dangers. They formed communities and tribes to defend against potentially harmful animals. These tribes gave rise to principalities, which in turn evolved into the state systems we have today, all in the pursuit of protection from other human communities.

However, you find yourself as an individual within a community who is either powerless or unwilling to take on responsibilities. Your situation can be described as follows;
-You exist in an environment outside your community that is cold, dark, and filled with predatory animals.
-You reside within a principality where you are surrounded by other powerful principalities in terms of population or technological advancements.
-You are a citizen of a country that is about to enter a world war in the 19th century, with numerous enemy nations surrounding you.

Manifesto of Snagom

From the early stages of human civilization to the present day, we have exhibited a tendency to rely on the decisions of chosen leaders within our communities rather than making individual choices to cope with the dangers we face in order to survive.

As societies expanded, individuals increasingly leaned towards trusting the decisions of their selected leaders rather than taking on significant decisions and responsibilities themselves. This inclination gave rise to feelings of respect and submission towards those individuals whom they believed could shoulder the burden.

In leaders who successfully fulfilled these decisions and responsibilities, power, competence, and a sense of governance developed. And thus, the apotheosis emerged within this process...

Evolutionary Intuition
Worldly Harmony

As these communities interacted with each other, whether in positive or negative ways, humanity transmitted their accumulated knowledge, languages, and lifestyles to create awareness for specific purposes, and this process has brought humanity to its present state.
Global Citizenship
In today's world, as long as we fulfill certain responsibilities within the global order, we are able to sustain our life activities in any known area on the surface of the Earth.
Throughout the last century:
1- Effects of advancing technology,
-Traveling to any place in the world takes only a day of our time.
-Instantaneous access to all information and communication about any location in the world is at our fingertips.
-We can work in one place and reside in another.

2- As we feel safe,
We observe that when humanity feels secure, in moments where there is no external environment or threat that affects their lives, they tend to eliminate the need for leaders and deities they do not require, and lean towards living as individuals making societal decisions.

"The shared existence of the human species, where decisions are made collectively, disregarding language, religion, ethnicity, or gender, on the same fragment of the planet."

Therefore, humanity is evolving towards global citizenship in the present day
Power Dynamics

The material elites of today's scientific age (such as Tech Founders), who are not necessarily genetically but cognitively the descendants of those individuals who dedicated themselves to science, truth, questioning, and the depth of existence, are redefining the power dynamics that have been mercilessly shaped by those who, driven by power hunger, overlookingly pursue their narrow-minded personal and religious interests and their desires for control within the world driven by state and religious systems.
The new power balances are based on technology. Technology means science, mathematics, and physics. In this new system where there are individuals who completely devote themselves to the thoughts they identify with, disregarding the feelings of money, possessions, and materialistic desires, and even finding contentment in enduring hardships for the cause, there may not be a sense of revenge. However, knowing that there are those who are willing to do anything for the sake of their goals is not without its intimidation.
As technology advances, we further stratify humanity, depriving them of their abilities. Despite knowing that we are pushing humanity into greater difficulties, increasing the number of those pulled down to lower classes compared to those elevated to higher positions, we continue to explore the mysteries of the unknown, fueled by our innate passion for discovery, and continue to ignite humanity.
Perhaps within the wealthy class of this era, there are those who cannot be controlled by power or those who have succumbed to the passion for exploration, desiring a system that is entirely for humanity. That is why they support the Blockchain system.
For the sake of humanity and future generations, the only thing we hope for and consider auspicious is that it may be beneficial.

In this digital internet world, which is as crucial to humanity as real life, Snagom's primary priority is to operate with a decentralized system integrity where truths can be proven and the distinction between reality and falsehood can easily be made through the Blockchain record system.

"we take great pride in being considered as valuable contributors in the grand scheme of things."
                                                                                                                                                                           Snagom Team,